venerdì 28 novembre 2008

Tutorial # 10. Applied Ethics. Euthanasia - Million Dollar baby

A Powerful Death Request

From Wikipedia - Million Dollar Baby (2004)

"Eventually, she confides to Dunn that she has "seen it all" and asks to be relieved of her suffering. Dunn refuses to help her die, but does speak with his priest, who objects to the idea of euthanasia. Maggie then attempts suicide by biting her tongue multiple times in an attempt to bleed to death. Though hospital staff prevent further suicide attempts, Dunn decides that Maggie's suffering should not continue, and he injects her with an overdose of adrenaline.
Just before administering the injection, Dunn finally tells Maggie the meaning of the nickname by which he has called her; the phrase, Mo Cuishle, is Gaelic for "My darling, my blood."

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